Guntur: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard) has agreed to extend its support for the expansion of Sangam Dairy. A team of officials from Nabard, which inspected facilities at the dairy, expressed its satisfaction on the utilisation of funds granted in the past.
Nabard general manager Prabhakar Behra, who led the 20-member official team, appreciated various schemes launched by the dairy management under the chairmanship of Dhulipalla Narendra Kumar. Behra said Sangam Dairy had taken measures for the welfare of milk producers along with sharing profits. He said the dairy management had a vision for its development as it is making full use of its machinery, adding the dairy management had taken a novel move to produce more milk-based products to attract consumers.
The Nabard team asked the management to submit proposals for grant of funds for expansion of dairy units. “We are ready to consider grant of funds if suitable proposals are submitted,” said Behra.
Former legislator and chairman Narendra Kumar said quality is their chief mantra for consolidating the market. Quality would not be compromised either in producing the end products or in procurement, Kumar said, pointing out that the dairy business, which has a strong base in Guntur district, had started procurements from Prakasam, Nellore and Chittoor as well. Kumar said milk producers were the real owners of the company as they have been sharing their profits with their members. He explained they are planning to set up more bulk milk chilling units in different districts to increase procurement.

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