GUNTUR: Noted archaeologist Dr Emani Sivanagireddy has discovered a cluster of burial structures belonging to the Iron Age at Pinnelli village in Machavaram mandal in Palnadu region of Guntur district.
Dr Sivanagireddy conducted a survey of the monuments on Sunday and noticed six burial structures measuring 2×2 metres with a height of one metre, constructed of large Palnadu limestone slabs in the shape of chambers, termed dolmens, and topped by huge capstones.
Speaking to the media on Monday, he said the historical structures face the threat of destruction as the locals were unaware of its significance. The structures have been removed and discarded as locals believed them to be ordinary stones, the archaeologist said.
The 3,000-year-old burial structures are located amid agricultural fields and on the cart track in the village. Dr Sivanagireddy said they represent the burial practices of the Iron Age or Megalithic people who would erect structures of stone slabs to enshrine corporeal relics and deposit belongings of the dead, such as implements, pottery, beads and bangles inside the chambers.
Dr Sivanagireddy added that he had noticed a few shards of black polished and black and red ware pottery, typical to the Iron Age, scattered near the burial sites. He sensitised the villagers on the historical and archaeological significance of Iron Age monuments and requested them to not cause damage to the structures.
He also appealed to the state department of archaeology and museums to protect and preserve the monuments for posterity.

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