Parents are the happiest after the success of their children and the same happened in Tirupati of Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Pradesh), where the daughter of a Circle Inspector, has become the DSP. 

The picture of the heart-warming incident wherein a father working in the Andhra Pradesh police force saluted his daughter in Tirupati of Chittor district, has gone viral on social media.

During the Andhra Pradesh State Police Duty Meet titled ‘Ignite’ the Circle Inspector Y Shyam Sundar saluted his daughter, Yendluru Jessy Prasanthi, who is presently posted as the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) of Guntur district. Prasanthi also saluted Sundar.

Shyam Sundar became emotional upon seeing his daughter on duty. After this, he went to the daughter and saluted proudly saying ‘Namaste Madam’. In response, Jesse Prashanti also returned and said ‘Thank you, dad’.

Tirupati SP Ramesh Reddy saw this heart-warming incident and appreciated the father-daughter duo.

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Andhra Pradesh Police in a tweet also appreciated the father-daughter duo.

“#APPolice1stDutyMeet brings a family together! Circle Inspector Shyam Sundar salutes his own daughter Jessi Prasanti who is a Deputy Superintendent of Police with pride and respect at #IGNITE which is being conducted at #Tirupati. A rare & heartwarming sight indeed! #DutyMeet,” the police said in a tweet.

Talking to Zee Media, Shyam Sundar said, “I am confident that my daughter will discharge her duties honestly and serve the needy people.” At the same time, Tirupati Urban District SP A Ramesh Reddy said, “We usually see such scenes in films and on this occasion, I missed the Hindi film ‘Gangajal’. I appreciate Prashanti for making her father’s dream come true. I wish you all the best.”

Jessi Prashanti is a 2018 batch officer and is currently posted as DSP in Guntur district. Her father Sundar joined the Police Department as a Sub Inspector in 1996. He is currently a Circle Inspector and been posted in the Police Training Center (PTC).

The Andhra Pradesh State Police Duty Meet is being held in Tirupati from January 4 to 7.

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