Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) [India], December 10 (ANI): YSRCP leader Devalla Revathi on Thursday issued a clarification regarding the police complaint for an incident in which she is accused of “slapping a toll plaza staffer and refusing to pay tax at Kaja toll in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh.”
Revathi, chairperson of Vaddera Corporation, released a video giving her version on the incident of high handedness at Kaza toll plaza in which she said that there was much propaganda against her since the morning.
Giving details of the incident, the YSRCP leader said the actual incident was ignored and only a five-second clipping is being circulated. But prior to that, she was attacked for almost half an hour by the toll plaza staff and local goons.
“Yesterday morning my mother slipped from the steps and fell down. She was suffering with a fracture on her leg. I took her to our regular hospital in Vijayawada and later I was returning. I was going by the side as the traffic was heavy. I have local registration card. Somebody is alleging that I acted high handed. This is my pass. I have been in politics for the past 10 years. I worked as Guntur district Backward Class union president. I have been opposition floor leader in Guntur Zilla Parishat. I have always been active in politics. The propaganda against me that I did not pay toll fee is insulting. I condemn it,” the leader said.
“As my mother was in an emergency medical condition, I requested toll plaza staff to exempt me as it was an emergency and I have a free pass. National Highways Authority of India rules say that emergency vehicles should not be stopped. The atrocities of toll gate staff are outrageous. I know how ruthless they act even against women,” she added.
She requested the media and social media to understand the situation and said, “Just ignore the politics and that I am a leader. Please see what respect they have given to me as a woman. I request the media not to do indecent and wrong propaganda against me. My mother’s life and my self-respect are important for me. I had requested them to leave me first. I was ready even to pay penalty but I wanted to go quickly as my mother was in pain. Then I tried to remove the barricades. But then they abused me in filthy language. I have voice records. I will reveal all of them.”
“There was no need for them to take my videos; as there is CCTV footage available. That half an hour CCTV footage should be revealed. Nobody was in uniform. All were in civil dress, Kaza Toll Gate people are harassing people with local goons. I told those people that I am Vaddera Corporation Chairman and I was in an emergency. They abused me. They manhandled and abused my driver who is an ST (scheduled tribe) person,” she added.
“They asked me to get down from my car. Then only I got down. Even then at first I requested them that my mother is in a critical condition. You complain against me if you want but let me go. Even then they spoke in filthy language. They made derogatory remarks against me. So I am going to make a complaint against them. As part of my protecting my rights as a woman, I argued with them for half an hour. There was no necessity for me to have a fight. In case there was any problem for them, they can complain as per their rules. Or they would have imposed fine on me,” the leader stated.
Revathi further said that for her, her mother was important and she was suffering. There was nobody to support her at that time. They should have considered the matter with humanity and sent her mother. Later they can file a case or impose fine. That was secondary. But it was condemnable that the goons in civil dress attacked her. She had been serving the public through politics for 10 years but she had never acted atrociously. She had a local free pass. She had fast track. Despite having all these, why would she violate rules? She had no intention of breaking the rules, nor of harming anybody. Those toll plaza people attacked her as she was a BC woman.”
“In fact, this incident happened at 9.30 am on Wednesday. Torturing me like this is not correct. What was the need for them to let a woman stand on the road and argue for so long time? If you think I did any wrong, or I broke any rules, take action on me as per your rules. I appeal to the media that I have no intention of breaking any rules or harming anybody. They manhandled and abused my driver who is an ST. Then only I got down the car and explained my status. Then they abused me. They hit my car and insulted me. I want only one thing. Bring out the CCTV footage for half an hour, when I was harassed and tortured by goons in civil dress,” the leader said.
Revathi said, “They (toll plaza staff) threw a signboard on my foot three times. My leg was swollen. My saree was torn. So much insult for a woman! Despite so much humiliation, I was thinking of my mother and left that place. But today pro-TDP media is propagating that I had attacked them. That section of the media is vindictive as I belong to YSRCP. I request them to reveal entire footage, show the footage of how I was tortured. The police will decide who did what and will take action. Since this morning much propaganda is being done against me, which I came to know of later. How can I tolerate anybody abusing and manhandling me? I reacted to protect myself and my self-respect. I have to save my community’s prestige also. Our leader Jaganmohan Reddy gave me a chance to serve my community. Is Insult to me not an insult to my community? I will fight for my safety and our women’s safety. I thrashed the toll plaza staff only to protect myself. I will complain to the DGP about this incident. I am ready to go to any extent to fight in this matter, to protect my self-esteem, to safeguard the interests of women, and my community.” (ANI)

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