Vijayawada: A youth died by consuming weedicide-laced alcohol as part of a suicide pact that he had with his friend at Edlapadu in Guntur district on Saturday. The two had decided to commit suicide together after their dispute over a girl went public.
According to Edlapadu police, Prem Chand, who was already married, was in a relationship with another married woman. Later, his friend Gopi Verma entered a relationship with the same woman. There was an altercation after which village elders intervened.
Both friends then met up again and decided to end their lives. Little did Gopi Verma know that Prem Chand had no intention of keeping up the pact. On Saturday morning, Gopi Verma drank the liquor after which Prem Chand revealed his real intentions. Gopi Verma was rushed to a hospital where he revealed the matter to the police. A case of murder was registered. TNN

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