Vijayawada: Vaddera Corporation chairperson Devalla Revathi was caught on camera physically assaulting a toll booth employee at Kaza toll plaza in Guntur district on Wednesday. It came to light on Thursday.
The footage of the assault went viral on social media. Revathi was seen assaulting the employee after he attempted to stop her to pay the toll tax. Moreover, the chairperson’s car had taken the lane meant for motorcycles.
In the video she was seen forcibly removing the barricade on the motorcycle lane which prevents four-wheelers from accessing it. When the employee rushed to the place to stop her, a heated argument ensued between them. She suddenly grabbed him by his collar before slapping him repeatedly.
Later, in a video statement Revathi said she was rushing her mother, who slipped from the stairs and fractured her leg, to hospital in Vijayawada when she was stopped by the toll employee. “I have a local registration card and the traffic was heavy in the plaza. So I took the motorcycle lane. The toll gate employee abused me and my driver. I requested him that it is an emergency. But he was keen on collecting the toll fee,” Revathi said adding that she will lodge a complaint with the police. tnn

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