Amaravati: When he was doing his MBBS from the Government Medical College in Guntur, there was one sentence that remained etched in his memory. He went on to join the Indian army and is currently posted in the Ladakh region as a medical officer. But he still remembers those words and has shaped his life on those lines.
On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, which fell on Saturday, the army captain wrote a heart-touching letter to his teacher, Dr NV Sundarachary who is the chief of neurology department at the medical college, who taught him that lesson of life: “Never run after money, run behind excellence”.
“Today, I feel proud to tell the world that I am leading a good life with a wonderful career by taking the path shown by you (Dr Sundarachary). I was immensely inspired by just sitting next to you and learn how a doctor should treat his patients,” the soldier, a resident of Vijayawada, wrote.
He said he still remembers the first rupee he earned from the gifted hands of the “great couple”, referring to Dr Sundarachary and his wife. “It is said a newborn gets the best nutrition from his/her mother’s milk. I got the first and last grooming as a doctor only by sitting next to you sir,” he wrote.
He said he was a student of medicine at GMC from 2008 to 2013, after which he did his post-graduation in neurology from 2014 to 2016. “You always used to tell us, ‘Never run after money, run behind excellence. I am proud to say that I am following your scriptures,” the army captain wrote.

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