Vijayawada: A man, who attempted suicide with his cousin after a losing a bet placed on a IPL match, died while undergoing treatment on Saturday. O Komaraiah and O Suresh, both residents of Perecharla in Guntur district, consumed pesticide on November 9 at Bellamkonda. Suresh had died on November 10.
Bellamkonda sub-inspector S Rajesh said that while Suresh lost the money in betting, Komaraiah was not involved in betting but had vowed Rs 80,000 for which he had pledged his house. The latter worked as a fortune-teller and could not earn the amount to cover the debt. On November 9, Komaraiah and Suresh decided to meet at Bellamkonda where they bought some drinks and a bottle of pesticide near the tracks.
They mixed and consumed the pesticide with the drink and recorded a video while doing so to apologise to their family. Police rushed to the spot after knowing about the video and moved them to a hospital where Suresh died while Komaraiah, who was moved to Guntur for better treatment, died on Saturday.
Police have arrested O Baji Rao and O Tirupati Rao for placing bets with Suresh. “The betting was between relatives and there was no involvement of any organised betting ring,” SI Rajesh said.

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