Vijayawada: Days after Tirupati police arrested the notorious Kanjar Bhat truck robbery gang in connection with a cellphone heist, Guntur urban police cracked a similar case which took place near Khaja village on September 15.
Police have arrested two persons involved in the heist and recovered 913 cellphones, Rs 4.5 lakh in cash, tools used to pry open truck doors and a car. They also recovered 1,826 phones worth over Rs 2 crore stolen by the same gang at Chegunta in Telangana’s Medak district.
On September 15, a truck carrying a shipment of close to 14,000 cellphones was on its way to Kolkata from Sri City in Nellore district. The Kanjar Bhat gang (also known as the Devas gang) followed the truck in two vehicles. The gang is known for breaking into container trucks from the rear while they are moving.
In this case, gang members broke into the container near Yetuluru Road bypass. While two members dropped the boxes on the road, the ones following picked up the boxes and loaded them into another truck they had brought. By the time, the lorry driver was alerted by another driver, the gang had fled the scene with 960 cellphones.
Wasting now time, Guntur urban SP RN Ammi Reddy formed two special teams of 20-members to nab the perpetrators.
The teams, headed by Nallapadu inspector K Veera Swamy and CCS inspector K Vasu, under the supervision of south sub-division DSP M Kamalakar traced the perpetrators to Devas in Madhya Pradesh after analysing CCTV footage along the highway.
On October 1, the special team members found the car used for the heist in Devas’ Katamba village. Upon confirming the identities, they arrested Ravi Jhanja (32), Sharooq Khan (32) and recovered most of the cellphones along with the cash they got from selling dome of the stolen phones. Seven other gang members are still at large.
The teams also managed to recover 1826 mobile phones which were stolen in a similar fashion by the same gang at Chegunta in Telangana. Ammi Reddy appreciated the special team members for successfully cracking the case by using modern techniques and recovering the stolen property. He said that the efforts are still on to nab all the gang members involved who are still on the run.

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