Visakhapatnam: Going by the daily new Covid-19 infection incidence, districts like Krishna, Kurnool, Anantapur and Guntur may have attained their peak curve.
Health officials estimate that districts like Srikakulam, Chittoor, Nellore and Prakasam may have entered their peak.
After months of steep surge in numbers, the coronavirus growth rate in Andhra Pradesh has remained stable for the last 50 days. Though it has been witnessing a steady trend, East Godavari still remains a challenge by topping the table on an almost daily basis.
On the whole, the state recorded about 100 percent increase in Covid-19 cases in the last month – the lowest for any 30-day period since the beginning of the outbreak.
For instance, Kurnool had 33,952 Covid-19 cases by August 17. The Rayalaseema district witnessed a downward trend in the last month to reach the 53,098 case mark by September 17, reflecting only a 56% increase. Similar is the situation in Krishna district with an 80% surge, Guntur with a 77% spike and Anantapur 70% increase in the infection numbers in the last one month, indicating a clear turnaround.
But the growth rate is a bit higher than the state’s average Covid-19 incidence in some districts, which were perceived to have entered their peak. Prakasam district demonstrated a 222% increase in the infections in the last one month, whereas Nellore recorded 160% hike in cases.
Dr C Prabhakara Reddy, Special Officer, State Covid Control Centre, said that the daily Covid-19 numbers may see further drop in the coming months. “There has been a considerable improvement in districts like Krishna and Kurnool, which were the disease epicentres in the initial months of the outbreak. Apart from the state’s best efforts in testing, tracing and treatment, the gradual development of herd immunity, growing mask compliance and public taking precautions would help reduce the numbers,” said Dr Reddy.
The recent state-wide sero survey found that about 20 percent of the 5.4 crore population of the state developed antibodies for the SARS-CoV-2, the Covid-causing virus. The interesting finding of the survey was that the percentage of asymptomatic persons among those who tested positive was at least 90 percent in each district.

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