Vijayawada: The perpetrators of the bank heist at Dachepalli in Guntur district had learned how to how to crack the bank safe’s code by watching videos on Youtube. The perpetrators were identified as Kedari Prasad (21) and Vinay Ramulu (37) from Miryalaguda in Telangana.
On November 21, State Bank of India (SBI) branch at Dachepalli reported the theft of Rs 77 lakh from its vault. Cops took up the investigation but could not find any clues at the crime scene as the accused took all precautions so as not to leave behind any clues. They even destroyed CCTVs and sprinkled chilli powder along the way to throw off sniffer dogs.
Guntur rural SP Vishal Gunni had formed special teams to crack the case. Prasad and Ramulu were arrested on Friday and entire stolen cash has been recovered from them. Vishal said that during the course of investigation, they found out that both of them are first time offenders and that financial stress was the motivation behind the crime.
“The most important thing we noted was that they had very easily cracked the code by just looking at videos on You Tube on how to commit a bank robbery. This not only shows the ease at which a crime can be committed but also the ease of access to information on such criminal matters,” the SP said.

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