GUNTUR: Cardiac surgery in newborn and infants is always a critical task as it requires highly skilful medical professionals along with advanced equipment. Thanks to the presence of top rated pediatric surgeons and sophisticated equipment, Ramesh hospital, Guntur is becoming a nodal point to handle rare procedures on infants and newborn to give them a new lease of life.
Team of doctors at Ramesh hospitals successfully completed surgeries on three infants with very complex cardiac problems in the last 15 days despite pandemic situation.
Speaking to the media here on Saturday, Ramesh hospitals group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Potluri Gopikrishna said that one of the kids is an international patient from Nigeria. He said that the 18 month child was taken for complete correction of Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), a severe cardiac defect. He explained that the child is now doing well and is ready to fly. He said that about 15 children from Nigeria, Pakistan, Cambodia and from Libya underwent cardiac interventions at Ramesh hospitals.
Interventional Pediatric cardiology chief Dr N Srinath Reddy and senior cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Benedict Raj said that another child of 4.5kg weight at 3 months age underwent one of the most complex cardiac surgical procedures (ALCAPA repair) where in coronary artery which supplies oxygenated blood to the heart is abnormal in location. He said that they have successfully completed the correction bringing the child back to full health.
Dr Reddy said that the other child, who weighed 2.3kg at just one week was operated for obstructed TAPVC and the surgery for such a small weight and age is very complicated. “With the best efforts of our team, the kids recovered well. All the three children despite undergoing complex surgeries in the prevailing COVID era recovered well,” said Gopikrishna. He said that with the availability of pediatric cardiac health care at quaternary level, Ramesh Hospitals has become the choice for international medical tourism with world class facilities.
He complimented the Pediatric cardiology team including Dr. Srinath Reddy, Dr.Jyothi Prakash, Dr. Vasudev and paediatrician cardiac surgeons Dr. Benedict Raj and Dr. Rhazani Nalluri, pediatric anaesthetists, Dr. P.Srinivas, and Dr.Kalyan Ram and Neonatologist Dr.Sahiti for the achievement.

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