GUNTUR: Doctors at a private hospital in Guntur performed a rare brain surgery while keeping the patient awake and showing him a television show during the procedure. Dr Bhavanam Hanuma Srinivas Reddy, Dr Sheshadri Shekar (Neurosurgeons) and Dr Trinadh(Anaesthetist) handled this critical surgery about 10 days ago. The head of the doctors team Dr Srinivasa Reddy shared the details with the media on Saturday after seeing the patient fully recovered and discharged.
According to information, 35-year old Varaprasad of Patibandla village in Pedakurapadu mandal was been diagnosed with a brain tumor for the past several years. He underwent a surgery in Hyderabad in 2016 when the doctors removed the tumor. Subsequently, he had also taken radiotherapy following the advice of the doctors. However, Prasad could not fully recover from the ailment as he had been suffering with fits for the past several months.
After seeing his condition, Dr Srinivasa Reddy team decided to for micro-level brain surgery to remove the recurrent glioma at left premotor area abutting the motor cortex. “We have decided to take up the surgery by keeping the patient awake as we have used advanced navigation technology to pinpoint the tumor. Patient enjoyed watching Bigg Boss and Avatar film during the surgical procedure,” said Reddy. Interestingly, all the three doctors who performed the surgery were working at Government General Hospital (GGH), Guntur.
However, the surgery was performed at the private hospital where they had the latest and modern equipment to handle such critical and sensitive surgeries. Srinivasa Reddy was known to perform surgeries by keeping the patients awake as he earlier performed similar surgery by showing the patient Bahubali film.

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