Our heroes are greeting the audience through the OTT platform as all the movie theaters are closed due to the Corona epidemic. All kinds of films, big and small, are being released on OTT.

Recently, young hero Anand Devarakonda also walked the same path. “Middle Class Melodies” starring him as the hero was released on Amazon Prime Video on November 20th.

Anand Devarakonda is an actor who was introduced to the Telugu industry with the film Dorasani. Moreover, Vijay Devarakonda is known to everyone as his younger brother.

Middle Class Melodies Review: A situational drama by Anand Devarakonda

Amidst many speculations, the released Countess did not entertain as much as expected. Moreover, Anand could not entertain much with his performance in the film.

He then came up with his second attempt at Middle-Class Melodies. The film is directed by new director Vinod Anantoju starring Varsha Bollamma in the female lead.

Plot: This is the story of a middle-class boy who wants to move from a village to a hotel in Guntur city. Raghava (Anand Devarakonda), son of Kondalarao (Goparaju Ramana), owner of a small hotel in a village near Guntur.

He dreams of becoming famous with the work he gets. He wants to make a name for himself by setting up a Guntur hotel and showing his Bombay chutney taste to everyone.

Middle Class Melodies Review: A situational drama by Anand Devarakonda

But his father, Kondalarao, did not like the hotel at all. However, his son could not bear the pain and agreed to set up a hotel and give him money.

What problems did you face in starting a hotel in Guntur? What challenges did he face to marry the Sandhya he loved? To what extent did the hotel opened by Raghava impress the customers?

How did Raghava find it difficult to keep the hotel business afloat? The story of the middle-class melodies film is the answer to questions like what finally happened to his family’s farm dispute.

Review: The film begins with the story of a young man named Raghava who grows up on his own two feet while enduring his father’s chastity. It seems that the director is trying to bring the characters into the story by introducing them to the story.

Middle Class Melodies Review: A situational drama by Anand Devarakonda

Some twists in the matter of selling the farm to put up a hotel in Guntur will add more interest to the film. Problems encountered by putting up a hotel, as well as watching their parents’ relationship with his girlfriend, add some strength to the second part of the film.

The film’s main attraction is director Vinod’s choice of a point where the naturalness of the countryside prevails. The manner in which the characters were tried to be shown alive on screen is commendable.

Emotions in the story, the hero, the love track of the heroines feel better screened. The feeling of being a new director is nowhere to be seen. It looks like he made a good effort as a new director.

Middle Class Melodies Review: A situational drama by Anand Devarakonda

But the film lacks in few elements, which pulls the Middle-class melodies to reach another level seems to be a minus part.

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