Visakhapatnam: Domestic squabbles with their wives led to two men to killing themselves, in two separate incidents, at Bapatla town in Guntur district on Saturday. Both the men took their lives by hanging to death. Coincidentally, in both cases, wives of the deceased had left homes.
In the first incident, Bapatla Town police said that 30-year-old Munna, who lived in Kondal Rao Street, had a quarrel with his wife on Friday night. Initially a petty squabble, the couple soon started hurling abuses at each other. Eventually, Munna’s wife walked out of the house to go to her mother’s place. After this, Munna hung himself to death on Saturday morning.
In the second incident, which took place in Vijayalakshmipuram, the deceased, 37-year-old Koki Durga Reddy had a quarrel with his wife on Friday night. Later, Durga Reddy hung himself to death.

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