They allege that elderly people were standing in queue for hours and despite that tests were not conducted.

People also alleged that they reached the hospital at 9 am to find the staff only coming in at 1 pm. There wasn’t any provision for drinking water and only 25 people were tested in a day.

One person waiting to be tested said, “We came to the government hospital for corona tests, but see the injustice here. They say that only 25 people will be tested in a day. There is no board indicating that. And those who have to come by 11 am are coming by 12 noon, and leaving by 1 pm.”

“We don’t know whether they are conducting tests. They are checking only those referred by ANMs or other staff; or the kin of the doctors or hospital staff. Then what is the condition of people like these elderlies? I have been coming here for the past three days and everyday as many as five-six persons above the age of 50 years wait to get tested but tests are not conducted,” he said.

An elderly person waiting in the queue said, “I have been coming since the past two days, the people at OP ward are doing nothing. I came at 6 am, but am still waiting.”

Another person said, “I was tested on July 13, but haven’t got the report yet. We are running from pillar to post. But they are not allowing us into the hospital. I have to get operated for my leg. They are asking for the corona test report. Without that, they won’t operate. But these people are not giving the report.” (ANI)

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