VIJAYAWADA: Krishna district, particularly Vijayawada city, has been witnessing a huge number of cases in the last fifteen days. The total number of coronavirus (Covid-19) cases crossed 1,000 on June 20 and now almost another 200 has been added to the overall tally.
According to the latest bulletin, 20 more cases were reported on Thursday with overall count in Krishna district standing at 1,199.
On the positive side, the recovery rate of Krishna district stands at 43%. Therefore, the current active cases stand at 626 while total number of persons discharged stands at 524.
The more worrying factor is the death toll increasing by another four bring it to 49 which is highest in Andhra Pradesh, overtaking Kurnool district by one. Compared to the past five days, the positivity rate has witnessed a marginal reduction. Krishna district accounts to 10.4% of Covid-19 cases in the state.
On the other hand, the neighbouring districts – Guntur and West Godavari–saw a larger spike reporting 74 and 79 cases respectively. Guntur, too, is amongst the four districts in AP to have touched over 1,000 cases. One more person has been reported dead in Guntur.
However, compared to Krishna district, the recovery rate in Guntur is much better standing at 52%.
District officials attribute the increase in Covid cases to the arrival of migrants from the Middle East particularly from Kuwait and Qatar in the last few weeks. Also, from inter-state travelers coming in from Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi.

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