Nikhil Siddhartha took to social media for a Q&A with his fans ahead of the television premiere for Arjun Suravaram at 6 PM on Sunday.

Fans asked him everything from his take on his film industry colleagues to what his favourite food is. While the actor was all praise for Pawan Kalyan, Prabhas, Lavanya Tripathi, Chiranjeevi and more, few fans asked him if he has ever faced nepotism in Tollywood. The Kartikeya star responded with, “Truthfully… Never… The Telugu Industry has been the most welcoming to me. I’m proud to be a part of the Tollywood Family.” (sic) The actor also rationalised that there’s no industry where nepotism doesn’t exist, he wrote, “Nepotism is there in Every field & profession.. Eventually Only the ones with Talent and HardWork will shine.. with or without a family..” (sic)

When asked what his favourite South Indian food is, Nikhil interestingly revealed that it is Guntur Bilal Biryani. He even hilariously confirmed that the Karthikeya sequel he’s working on will also feature snakes. Nikhil also wrote about his inspiration, “Without any doubt #MegastarChiranjeevi Sir @KChiruTweets. Chinnapudu GangLeader Movie chusi school lo same dialogues.” (sic) apart from his favourite actress, “Bhoomika Chawla @bhoomika_chawla from #Kushi Movie.” (sic) What many didn’t know is that apart from working on his body for his future projects, Nikhil also has been taking filmmaking classed during lockdown, “Working out and building towards the shoot of my next two films #karthikeya2 and #18pages. Kothhaga I have been taking FilmMaking classes from the last 3 months during lockdown.” (sic)

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