Guntur: Nallacheruvu colony, which reported 37 Covid-19 cases two days ago and was declared a containment zone, has not been barricaded yet. The picture is the same in many other areas in Guntur city where Covid-19 cases have been reported. This steady slackening of guard is turning several containment zones into hotbeds of infection.
Other indications of the creeping neglect is the reappearance of local vendors in containment zones, while many shops are staying open throughout the day. The incautious behaviour is only matched by the misplaced enthusiasm of buyers who continue to throng the shops and makeshift stalls. As per the rules, no business outlet except medical shops should be allowed to open in containment areas.
Guntur Municipal Corporation (GMC) commissioner C Anuradha, who inspected several containment areas on Tuesday, was shocked by the callous attitude of both civic officials and general public. She immediately directed officials to barricade the containment zones and take immediate measures to prevent traffic of people and vehicles in lanes where positive cases have been identified. She also asked them to ensure that no business outlets, except medical shops, are open in the containment areas.
“The officials seem to have suddenly forgot their responsibilities. They barricaded off nearly the entire city when the virus was just starting to spread and patients were being shifted to hospitals. But now, when cases are rising and so many patients are being quarantined at home, they have let their guard down,” fumed SVS Lakshminarayana, a social activist.

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