Guntur: In a move aimed at easing the burden on the public healthcare system, the Indian Red Cross Society has launched the first private Covid Care Centre in Guntur. The 25-bed centre will be managed by doctors and trained Red Cross volunteers. Services at the centre, which is being sponsored by Sri Jain Sangh, are free of cost.
District joint collector Dinesh Kumar inaugurated the Covid Care Centre on Monday. The centre is housed in a hotel opposite the Infectious Diseases (ID) hospital. Speaking on the occasion, the joint collector lauded the services of the Red Cross in assisting the government tackle the outbreak. Red Cross’s decision to join hands with NGOs would boost the morale of Covid-19 patients, Dinesh Kumar said.
“Frankly, Covid-19 is not a life-threatening disease provided we take a little care. About 98% are fully recovering without any trouble, chiefly due to the courage and moral support from the family, friends and community,” said Dinesh Kumar.
Red Cross vice-chairman P Ramachandra Raju said they have appointed exclusive teams at the centre to take care of Covid-19 positive cases referred by the Sri Jain Sangh. Doctors, nurses and volunteers would be available to patients, he said. The centre will have a chef to provide nutritious food to patients and yoga, meditation and motivational classes will also be on offer, Raju said.
Sri Jain Sangh president Rajendra Suri, Jain Seva Samithi president Amrutha Lal Jain, Dinesh Kumar Jain, Paul Bhandari and others were present.

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