GUNTUR: Novel thinking is way to handle the new challenges in the times of novel coronavirus, it seems. Police officials were initially clueless when tipplers thronged liquor shops on Monday after they were opened after a gap of 40 days. Within next few hours, Guntur rural district police came out with an umbrella solution to manage the crowds at liquor shops. Police directed people to carry an umbrella to maintain social distancing. They enforced it at all the liquor shops and didn’t allow those who didn’t have an umbrella.
“The umbrella trick yielded good results as people were more disciplined in the queue lines on Tuesday,” said rural district SP Ch Vijaya Rao. In fact, tipplers too had liked the idea of carrying the umbrella as it had become very difficult for them to stand in queue for long hours in the scorching heat. “It served double purpose. Umbrella saved them heat and also prevented them going close to the next in the line,” said Vijaya Rao.
The rule has been enforced at all liquor outlets across the district. In fact, enforcing the rule even in the markets including rythu bazaars will help maintain the social distancing in the crowded places.
Senior officials are reportedly contemplating replicating the rule at all market places as people have been seen jostling with each other and ignoring social distancing.

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