Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh registered 8,732 new Covid-19 cases, scaling up the tally to 2,81,817 and recorded 87 deaths taking the toll to 2,562 in the last 24 hours.

The state health department in its Covid-19 bulletin released on Saturday reported that out of 53,712 samples tested, 8,732 individuals have tested positive. Out of a overall total of  28,12,197 samples tested so far in the state, 1,91,117 infected patients have been discharged  while 88,138 patients are taking treatment in various hospitals.


Among new confirmed infections, East Godavari has topped with 1,126 followed by 959 in Chittoor, 894 in Visakhapatnam, 851 in Anantapur, 734 in Kurnool, 638 in Srikakulam, 612 in West Godavari, 609 in Guntur, 572 in Nellore, 561 in Vizianagaram, 489 in Prakasam, 389 in Kadapa and 298 in Krishna.

With regard to cumulative infections, East Godavari registered the highest number of 39,418 followed by 32,746 in Kurnool, 28,947 Anantapur, 25,549 Guntur, 24,296 Visakhapatnam, 22,689 West Godavari, 22,478 Chittoor, 16,741 Nellore, 16,522 Kadapa, 13,958 Srikakulam, 12,245 Vizianagaram, 12,081 Krishna, 11,252 in Prakasam, 2,461 from other states and 434 from other countries.


Rate of recovery was high in East Godavari with 23,753 followed by 23,731 in Kurnool, 22,437 in Anantapur, 18,077 Visakhapatnam, 17,554 Guntur, 17,315 West Godavari, 13,371 Chittoor,  11,477 Kadapa, 11,357 Nellore, 8,809 Srikakulam, 8,086 Krishna, 6,789 Prakasam, 5,466 in Vizianagaram, 2,461 from other states and 343 from other countries.

Among deaths, Chittoor has reported 10 followed by nine in Guntur, eight each in East Godavari and West Godavari, seven each in Anantapur, Kadapa and Kurnool, six each in Nellore, Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram, five each in Prakasam and Srikakulam and three in Krishna.


Regarding cumulative deaths, Guntur has 284 followed by 283 in Kurnool, 266 in East Godavari, 225 in Chittoor, 223 in Krishna, 216 in Anantapur, 199 in Visakhapatnam, 188 in West Godavari, 161 in Srikakulam, 157 in Prakasam, 137 in Nellore, 112 in Vizianagaram and 111 in Kadapa.

The state health authorities have discharged 10,414 infected patients after recovery.

Meanwhile, AP has carried out Covid-19 tests on 52,663 samples per million population and has registered a positive rate at 10.02. Maharashtra has tested 24,415 samples with positive rate at 18.78 while Telangana has tested 18,097 samples with a positive rate at 12.43.


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