Guntur: Joint collector Dinesh Kumar, on Friday, appealed to all recovered Covid-19 patients to donate plasma for the treatment of others. “Turn your victory into hope for others,” said the joint collector, while launching a campaign poster for ‘’— an NGO which runs the world’s largest blood donors’ database with free access.
The NGO—— has launched a new section called ‘Covid-19 plasma donor’ on its website and mobile application. All recovered Covid-19 patients who are willing to help others can register themselves as plasma donors four weeks after testing negative.
Joint collector Kumar said that the government has granted permission to several hospitals to undertake plasma therapy on critically-ill patients.
Founder of and senior software professional, Shaik Shareef, said, “To make things easy for Covid-19 patients, their families and the medical fraternity, we have been running this section on a trial basis. More than 300 people who have defeated Covid-19 in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have registered themselves as voluntary plasma donors and 20 of them have already donated plasma.”

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