Megastar Chiranjeevi stepped up for a fan in time of need apart from rallying support for the daily-wage workers of TFI.

Amidst lockdown, the Acharya star helped a fan of his get an emergency heart surgery in time. Sharing the news on his social media, he wrote, “Rajanala Nagalaxmi garu R/o Guntur a fan from a long time had heart problem.3 of her heart valves were closed and Dr.Gopichand performed highly critical 3 1/2 hr surgery & saved her.” (sic)

The actor also shared that the doctor helped him rush the fan from Guntur to Hyderabad for the surgery, “My deep gratitude to #LifeSaver #DrGopichand of #StarHospitals. #TrueAngels. My thanks to B.Dilip who rushed Nagalaxmi garu from Guntur to Hyd, Swaminaidu for drawing my attention and all the Police officers for granting timely permissions.” (sic)

Reports state that Rajanala Nagalaxmi has been a fan of the Megastar for a long while, staying in touch with him through the years. Mega fans are, of course, hailing their favourite star for his kind gesture.

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