The coronavirus cases continue to shoot up to 1403 in Andhra Pradesh. A total of 71 newly registered COVID-19 cases were across AP in the last 24 hours. The latest cases in Andhra Pradesh were detected from Kurnool (43), Krishna (10), Kadapa (4), Guntur (4), Ananthapur (3), Chittoor (3), East Godavari (2), and Nellore (2).

On average, Andhra Pradesh has been reporting at least 71 new cases for the past nine days. The worrying increase in the number of cases is raising concern among the citizens. With 386 cases, Kurnool reported the maximum number of COVID-19 cases in the state. While 287 individuals tested positive for the coronavirus in Guntur District as on date, Krishna District reported 246 cases. The cases from these three districts alone, form 65% of the total confirmed cases in Andhra Pradesh.

It is to be noted that the state has ramped up its capacity to test for COVID-19 since the few weeks. According to the Andhra Pradesh State Government, 94,558 samples were tested as on 30 April 2020. Out of the tested samples in the state, a total of 93,155 individuals tested negative for the coronavirus. 1051 COVID-19 patients are currently undergoing treatment across the state. While 321 patients recovered, 31 individuals succumbed to it. Despite the humongous spike in COVID-19 cases, the increased recovery rate of AP has brought a sigh to relief to the State Government as well as the citizens. The mortality rate in Andhra Pradesh is 2.2% as on 30 April 2020 which is lesser than the nation’s mortality rate of 3.2%.

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