VIJAYAWADA: While the Tenali government hospital in Guntur district has become overcrowded with Covid-19 positive patients, the nurses staged a protest on Saturday demanding better facilities.
All the nurses quit duties and gathered in front of the hospital raising slogans demanding safety gear to serve coronavirus positive patients.

The nurses alleged that they have been working in dangerous circumstances without proper safety gear.
The head nurse Lakshmi said that the hospital filled up with Covid-19 patients but we could not even provide proper drinking water facility to them. They are roaming around the hospital searching for drinking water, she added.
She further said, ‘With an excess number of patients and less staff they could not attend all the patients who are collapsing. We did not even get enough number of hand gloves and sanitisers. We are buying them”.
The nurses further alleged that there were no washrooms in the hospital. We have been working with one kit all throughout the day. Many of us are not even using washroom as we are given with only one kit.
“Those who were having menstrual problems are also fearing to change with lack of kits and remain in suffering all the day,” said Lakshmi.
They also alleged that the nurses are doing all the work of lab technician and pharmacist as the positions remain vacant for a long time.
“We are ready to do all the work in these critical times but proper safety gear should be provided to us. We have been working among the patients wearing a kit exposing ourselves to the virus. Many of us have already contracted the virus and this cannot go like this,” Lakshmi said.
“Despite many assurances from the higher officials, there was no improvement in the situation. Further, those who raised their voice are being harassed by abruptly changing their duties,” the nurses said.
More than 500 patients are being treated at Tenali government hospital after they were tested positive for Covid-19. The number of infections witnessed a sudden spurt at the hospital after the unlocking process began.

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