GUNTUR: An NGO, Guntur Round Table (GRT-86) has come with a novel idea to promote eco-friendly and green Ganesh Chaturthi.
The new plan is also expected to help GRT pool up little funds to take for charity work. The GRT-86 chairman Lanka Kranti Sekhar, a business leader, is struck with the idea of selling the colourful pots with Ganesh idol made with fine clay. Interestingly, it is not mere idol but comes with a seed at its bottom.
After the puja, the devotees are needed to pour water regularly on the idol placed in the pot for about week. While the immersion of the Ganesh will be completed within a week, a ritual followed by the devotees, it gives them a surprising gift at the end. The seed will start germinate and takes a form of a beautiful plant. “It is really a wonderful idea to promote eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi as well as greenery. Every person, who purchased the pot will get a beautiful plant at the end of week-long festivities,” said Kranti Sekhar.
He said that the response to their idea was good as several of its members were keen to pick up the pots. After purchasing the pots from a manufacturer, GRT-86 set its price at Rs.600 per each pot. “We can spare at least Rs200 per pot for the charity work. We are planning to celebrate the festival in one of the orphanages with the children,” said Chaitanya Priyadarshini, chairperson of ladies circle.
A GRT executive B Surendra Sriram said that the plant ganesha was made with pure clay without adding any chemicals. The manufacturer had also used some cocopit and organic fertilizer to make the seed germinate without any trouble. The plant Ganesha is most suitable for offering prayers at home and very convenient to raise the plant after the festival. “Little care should be taken while pouring water as it is made it pure clay and starts melting very easily,” said GRT executive M Ramkumar. The idol can be separated for Puja and the devotees could place it in the pot after the puja, he explained.

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