VIJAYAWADA: A 63-year-old Covid positive man collapsed and died while he was on his way to a hospital in an auto at Sattenapalli in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh on Sunday.
As the family members and relatives were scared of contracting the virus, his body was left unattended on the road for more than two hours.
According to Sattenapalli town inspector, S Vijay Chandra, the man developed Covid-19 symptoms from the last few days. He went for a test on Saturday and his test result turned out to be positive on Sunday. The officials informed him to get himself admitted at the hospital immediately.
Knowing about his test result, the man hired an auto to go to a private hospital for better treatment. However, as soon as he boarded the auto, he collapsed and died. It was then the auto driver came to know that the man was tested positive for Covid-19 through his family members. He moved the body from his auto and left from there.
The family members, neighbours and other relatives are scared to go near the body and left it there in the middle of the road. Knowing about the information, police rushed to the spot and informed municipal authorities for assistance to shift the body.
Vijay Chandra said that it took some time for the sanitation workers to reach the spot with all safety precautions to shift the body. As it was already known that he was a positive patient, the family members and others cannot go near the body as they might as well contract the virus. The sanitation workers with proper safety gear shifted the body to the burial ground to perform last rites.
In another incident at Nellore, a woman was forced to wait outside her rented house as the landlords denied entry after she was tested positive. She said that the officials did not admit her in the hospital saying that there are no beds available. As she was not allowed to admit into the hospital, he has to return home but the landlords did not allow her to come into the house. Her 85-year-old mother-in-law also denied her entry into the house with a fear of contracting the virus.
The woman was sitting in front of the house from the last three days while her husband is in hospital for the last week. She said one of her children lives in Bengaluru and the other one is living in Hyderabad. They could not come either due to restrictions.

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