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GUNTUR: Ever since the lockdown began, it has become difficult for stray animals to find food as all hotels and commercial establishments are shut.  In these times, activists of Help for Animals Society in Guntur are pooling funds with the help of social media to serve cooked rice to the hungry strays.

The efforts by the NGO’s Anupoju Tejovanth and Sikandar Aruna was noticed by district collector I Samuel Anand Kumar two days ago. Promising the NGO of financial support, he said, “We must not let any animal die of hunger.” Tejovanth said strays mostly feed on leftovers and, as all hotels have been shut since late March, many have lost their only source of food.

“Feeding the strays is not just an act of compassion, but a necessity too. If they starve for days, they may turn violent and attack people. This can be avoided by simply feeding them a small portion of our daily food,” he observed.  Sikandar Aruna spoke about how the NGO has managed to feed the animals despite financial constraints. 

“Each volunteer is tasked with looking after stray animals in an area. Many a times, we use our own money to buy food items,” he said and urged all animal lovers to contribute to the noble activity. NSV Sarath Chandra, an animal lover, urged people not to abandon thier pets due to the misconception that they may carry Covid-19. “Even WHO has repeatedly said that there is a remote chance of coronavirus spreading through animals, especially pets,” he noted. 

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